Clarks Shoes


The tone of voice of Clarks

When then-Global Marketing Director Rosemary Carr was describing me to a colleague, she called me “the tone of voice of Clarks”.

At the time, Clarks were keen to shift perceptions away from a manufacturer of dull school shoes, (and even duller work shoes) to the fashion-forward brand it is today. Carr needed someone who could change the way Clarks spoke to the world.

I loosened up the tone and made it much more conversational. The advertising and marketing department at Clarks were so delighted that at one time, my team was working on little else.

What were we doing? Everything from naming products to creating new store and refit opening events and in-store merchandising. We were creating so much stuff, we even considered opening an office in Somerset!

It is only possible to show here a small fraction of the work created for Clarks…

  • Brainstorming
  • Naming
  • Staff Training
  •  Advertising
  • Print
  • Posters
  • Radio
  • Online
  • Brochures

This campaign ran in share squares on the financial pages of national newspapers. More bang for every buck (shoe pun, sorry).


Children's shoes is a massive business for Clarks. We looked at it and made it much more 'out there'