Sac Freres

Bags of authenticity

It’s a terrible waste. Everywhere you look, performance fabrics honed and perfected over years for strength or style or finesse are fulfilling just one role, when actually there must be myriad uses to which they can be put.

That was philosophy behind Sac Freres. Not content to watch fabulous fabrics pigeonholed, Sac Freres liberated them into a whole host of collections using material from cricket pads to Papal robes, from car seat leather to the ermines of Earls – as bags.

I worked with designer James Mullen (one of the founders of Thomas Pink) to create a range of bags which fulfilled the mission. I also wrote the website, the brochure, helped train the shop staff, and got completely immersed in Sac Freres.

Sadly, the celebs didn’t go for it - and in the bag business, that’s the kiss of death. The shop lasted two years before James went back to the drawing board. My wife was happy with her collection of bags, though


  • Concept creation
  • Brochure
  • Online
  • Staff training
Copy Samples
The 1966 Collection

Soccer in the sixties was as hip as music and fashion were groovy. The icing on the cake being England’s World Cup win in 1966. Much of the kit has changed since then, thank goodness – because in those days, the football itself was a beast! Made from good old-fashioned brown, bark-tanned cowhide, the tough leather soaked up all the moisture in the park, making heading the ball in the rain not for the faint-hearted. Sac Freres’ 1966 Collection features the very same tanned leather with panels stitched together and a small lace-up slit on one side. However, we’ve been careful to treat the leather, so rain doesn’t stop play.

The Matador Collection

In the late afternoon, as the heat of the sun recedes and the Matadors stride confidently into the ring, the swirling of their iridescent fuchsia capes sweeping across the sand and dust electrifies the atmosphere. These brilliant capes or ‘Capotes’ are perhaps the quintessence of performance fabrics, and have been for generations. Sac Freres brings the cape and the bull together in a unique way, as a collection of bags featuring the Algodon Sedoso (‘silky cotton’) of the cape, complemented with naturally tanned leather details.