Alfred Dunhill


British, with a twist

The quintessential English clothing and luxury goods company became a part of the changing face of Britannia.

The style is still sophisticated, the quality is still impeccable, the ingenuity is still astonishing. But now, there is added to this a streetwise edge ­ a sense of danger, of ‘modern Britishness’, of youthful exuberance. I was charged with representing this new face of Alfred Dunhill to the world in many ways:

I created radio commercials for the London shops’ summer sale.

I  worded all the international press releases announcing new collections, new products, new ideas from Alfred Dunhill.

I designed posters to complement their then sponsorship of the most prestigious Polo weekend of the season (now sponsored by Cartier).

I worked on the Longitude and Millennium product ranges and produced a great deal of literature and collateral.

I even invented a belt that also weighed suitcases!

I was called in as a knowledgeable friend to manage projects and to name products and services.

I was proud to act as an integral part of the marketing team, helping out whenever and wherever I could.

Product Development


Alfred Dunhill Ellen Von Unwerth Shoot

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The first three commercials were designed to run in the same break.

The other two were stand-alone.

And yes, that's Sean Pertwee.

Alfred Dunhill Sale Radio Commercials